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Our company

We like to think of our company as one of the many colors of a work of art : the immense foliage verdegrigio of olive trees, vineyards purplish , reddish cherry trees , the majestic chestnut trees , the Aurunci mountains , springs, stone walls dry.

Sketches outlined by time and jealously guarded by the man , starting from ' ancient people Aurunco ​​ who first explored this territory when he struggled for survival , hunting and gathering seeds only to realize that the fallen seeds began a new art ... the art of cultivating the land.

Our task is to preserve these natural settings and pass them on to our children.

Teaching Farm

Come to visit our farm , we know the nature , having fun...

The album of photos

Browse our albums , and view our structure from every angle...


Our Agenda , to inform you about every event and more...